Playback. Pause

You may say I lost my way. You may say I am on the right track. The truth is that I never felt this way.  Black car in a black night, half smile, half hot look, hands all over the place. No – stop talking, just drive. Don’t want deep things, don’t need heavy conversation, me just wanna enjoy myself, before the dream is over.

Pause. Playback – rewind. Pause. Feeling hot, let’s drink some hot stuff and let’s burn some lungs. Let’s listen to music and relax. No real world here. Felt a connection from the first look, just don’t ignore it and do not play it safe. The pink drink is getting to my head and it’s worth it. What? 25 years old. Can I get another pink drink? It’s legal for me in all states.

Pause. Playback – rewind. Pause. I just forgot how to walk. Just fly away, before the dream is over. Runaway, hurry up, runaway. My head is spinning, my legs are trembling, do not wake me up sign on my door.


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