667 – The Devil has left the building

Broke into the first day of the New Year with a heavy heart and with only one word in my head: serendipity. „No regrets!”, I said while other people where kissing near me. Watched the sky and smiled. I remembered an old song that I used to love and sang it till the break of dawn. Checked the site – same old visitors, checked the abyss that laid in front of me and dived. A good friend told me that the Secret is to think only positive thoughts. I knew the Universe works in mysterious ways and never fails. As you can imagine… it never failed me.

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. But I like the way I got here. Gambling and a masc was all I ever needed and it’s still the best way to go though the abyss. Cheers! Les’t enjoy the year that’s laying before us. Remember: life is the way you make it and the Universe… is just for wishes to come true.

[audio:http://blog.gabrieladan.com/wp-content/uploads/Paul-McCartney-Great-Day.mp3|titles=Paul McCartney-Great Day]

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